Xavier Serrano - Live from The State House, New Haven


Xavier Serrano - Live from The State House, New Haven

10.00 15.00

The State House presents Xavier Serrano performing live, recorded June 16th, 2019

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Xavier Serrano

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About Xavier Serrano

Serrano is a local native to New Haven, CT — he was the primary song writer in the now-defunct band Kindred Queer. Serrano led the group to create the orchestral soundscape of their EP, “Child” which released May of 2017. After parting ways with the members to establish himself as a solo artist, with putting out a few short demo EPs, he’s now releasing his first full length studio album ‘Bell Chimes of Yesteryear'.

Influenced by artists like The Pentangle, Nick Drake, Bert Jansch and Jeff Buckely, Xavier fuses traditional melodic styles with forward-thinking and unconventional forms. His songwriting spins stories of reawakening, self-growth, and the ever quest contemplations of life touching on the discordant chords of jazz, folk, and alternative rock.

Xavier Serrano opens the night!