The Proud Flesh - Live from The State House, New Haven


The Proud Flesh - Live from The State House, New Haven

15.00 19.00

The State House presents The Proud Flesh performing live June 21st, 2019

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The Proud Flesh

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About The Proud Flesh

New Haven's own, psych-americana group return to the stage.

"Alexander Burnet knew no fixed address until his horse died, and where he fell Alexander decided to write an Eternal Song--a Forever Ode to his friend. Because he knew all the world does is forget, & he couldn't let that happen to his horse. He looked up from his guitar, there in the street, and saw a man crying shamelessly. His name, he later found out, was Patrick Dalton. In between fevered sobs, Patrick told Alexander that he would do whatever Alexander asked of him in the service of this Life-Wrecked animal. So was born The Proud Flesh, a band of jug-blowers and far-flung Breadline Denizens of the Great Depression, united in two men's quest to pray with every word & strum for a dead horse's Eternal Soul."