Reduction Plan - Live from The State House, New Haven


Reduction Plan - Live from The State House, New Haven

10.00 15.00

The State House presents Reduction Plan performing live, recorded June 6th, 2019

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Reduction Plan

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About Reduction Plan

Reduction Plan's music comes from within solitude's frigid embrace. "I will never get what I want," broods frontman Daniel Manning on self-released debut, Paradise. The heavily reverberated breaths and ominous atmosphere that open Reduction Plan's latest full-length album, Somewhere, evoke that same sense of solitude, one that is almost palpable.

Pulling from 80s goth, 90s shoegaze and industrial, and the anti-folk tendencies of acts like Grouper and Mount Eerie, Reduction Plan uses both noise and space to illustrate the power of silence. A swell of synths, pulsing drum machines, and haunting murmurs is the foundation upon which the project draws its sound.

Somewhere is Manning’s third full-length under the Reduction Plan moniker, following the Child of Light EP, which saw him branching out stylistically to collaborate with fellow musicians. On the project’s first two full-lengths, 2015’s Paradise and 2016’s Shade, Manning’s compositions were frigid, harsh, and unrelenting. Here, the songs let the light in; blossoming into lush, melancholic pieces that maintain the bite of the project’s roots.

Although a solo endeavor in concept, Manning is accompanied live by Luis Durango, who breathes new energy into the songs on second-guitar and synth.Together, the two have shared the stage with acts such as Xiu Xiu, Boy Harsher, Planning For Burial, Torres and many more.