Editrix - Live from The State House, New Haven


Editrix - Live from The State House, New Haven

10.00 15.00

The State House presents Editrix performing live, recorded July 31st, 2019

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About Editrix

NATIONAL SAWDUST LOG: You just finished rehearsing with a new band?

WENDY EISENBERG: It’s a new rock band called Editrix, with Josh Daniel on drums and Steve Cameron on bass. It’s the first time I’ve ever sang in a rock band. We’re all really into the Country Teasers and the Fall and it’s just really fun to be in a rock band and sing. We’re working on finishing up a demo, and we have a little basement show on Sunday. This has been the year of trios for me, for some reason. It’s cool to have a trio that I feel equal with.

I’m thinking Editrix is way different than the music you play with Trevor Dunn and Ches Smith on The Machinic Unconscious.

Definitely the approaches inform each other, because this is closer to what I did with Birthing Hips than it is to that. But there are going to be certain aesthetic landmarks that will be commonalities—like I’m going to play guitar the way that I play guitar, even if I’m trying to play pop music. But this doesn’t really sound like pop… I don’t know. I don’t really know what it sounds like. It kind of sounds like Nomeansno.

Is Editrix sort of getting back to your DIY punk, noise-rock roots of Birthing Hips?

[Laughs] The thing is it doesn’t really feel like any of those things are that separate from what I’m doing with Ches and Trevor. I feel like what unites us three as improvisers is that though we do have our feet in certain jazz and downtown scenes, we all came from something that has more multiplicity. So it feels not so much like I’m getting back to it, but like I’ve been doing this simultaneously to all of the other projects.