Performers, you excel at your craft. You've built a following, you represent the culmination of your talent multiplied by your experience.


RecordME allows you to do what you've always been doing with two exceptions. We'll help you make more money and we'll get your performances into the hands of your fans.

The cost to you? Zero.



You want to record, but you know it's expensive to buy everything you'll need.

We get it, you're a performer, not a studio!


You want to record, but you know it takes skill and experience.

We get it, you're a performer, not an engineer!


You want to distribute recordings to your fans, but you know it's a pain.

We get it, you're a performer, not a webstore!

 RecordME Home 8 custom

RecordME Home 8 custom

Here's how it works

  1. You reserve your box and tell us about your event.

  2. You tell all your friends and fans to head over to to reserve a copy of your recording (minimum orders may apply).

  3. We build a box that's perfect for your performance and ship it to you.

  4. Using our easy-to-understand instructions, you plug in the box and turn it on.

  5. You ship back the box (with our pre-paid shipping tag) or keep it for your next event and we get to work on your recording.

  6. We distribute the recording to everyone who placed an order.

  7. We pay you for each recording you sell, typically 4x what you would make through a traditional record label.