Pricing for Renting, Leasing, or Buying RecordME


RecordME is all about giving you options. Choose which RecordME option you want based on the number of events you want to record, the amount of time you want to record, or the method of distribution that works best for you.



Rent RecordME

best for a single event - MUSICIANS

This is where it all started. You tell us about your event, we ship you the box with everything you need to record. When your event/tour is over, you send us back the box. In the mean time, we mix, master, and distribute your recording(s) to your fans.*

Your fans pay $15 - You make $4 per recording

Your fans pay $20 - You make $5 per recording

Your fans pay $25 - You make $6 per recording

*minimum pre-orders apply

Lease RecordME

best for multiple events - VENUES

Stay ahead of the competition! Designed for your console so it can stay connected to the Front-Of-House at your venue, we ship the perfect RecordME box to match your existing gear. You tell us what you have and how many channels you need to record and we provide the rest.

3 Month Contract - $1,000 per month*

6 Month Contract - $800 per month*

12 Month Contract - $600 per month*

*Plus one-time configuration fee

Buy RecordME

best for long-term ownership - ENGINEERS

Custom for you, built to spec, designed to meet your needs. You pay for your box up front and purchase blocks of recording time when it's convenient for you. Schedule a time to record with one of our engineers and get a single delivered recording when you're ready. We offer all sorts of future upgrades and add-ons to get the sound you want and the mix you love.

One Hour Anytime Recording - $75

Four Hour Songwriter Block - $240

Eight Hour Studio Block - $440

Thirty Two Hour Album Block - $1,600