Studio Recording On Your Terms


With four types of RecordME boxes to choose from, there will always be a perfect box for you. And if you can't find your perfect box, we'll custom build one for you.




RecordME: a beautiful work of art, wood and aluminum. You can show it to your friends and they will all be impressed. Every. Single. Time. The home box is perfect for singer/songwriters, recording simple EP's, and tracking up to four inputs at a time.


The studio box

RecordME: the perfect studio companion for regular recording. If you have a podcast or class you record regularly, or a band rehearsal each week you want to keep tabs on, this is for you. Churches, smaller performance spaces, and garage bands can make use of up to eight channels of recording at a time.


The professional box

RecordME: the big kahuna. If you're in the big time, you need big-time gear. Up to 32 channels of audio in a box you can install in your rack or can take with you on the tour bus. The Professional Box ships in a shock-absorbent road case and is built to interface with most digital consoles including Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Midas, Behringer, PreSonus, Soundcraft, and DigiCo using Dante, i-Live, X-Edit, MADI, packet-based ethernet, or standard USB.


the custom box

RecordME: the world is your oyster. We're not afraid, we'll build anything. Need 128 channels of bi-directional audio? Done. Need to sync 12G 4K HD-SDI video and audio to a live stream broadcast feed on the web? Done. Need a RecordME box plated in gold with sapphire and ruby accented knobs because you're trying to out-do your neighbor? Done. If you can dream it (and pay for it) we can build it.